How to extract product URL links?

Posted by Agenty on Mar 19, 2019

Extraction of hyper-links, images etc are easy with Agenty. You just need to define the selector and then the attribute to extract the value you want. For example, while setting-up your scraping agent in Chrome extension, you can click on the link element to generate a selector automatically (or manually type the CSS selector) for the link element. Then select the ATTR extract option from drop down with HREF attribute(as in screenshot below).

The attribute option is case sensitive. So if the target website has the small character then you need to use the small cases like "href" and capital case when in capital "HREF "

Extract hyperlinks using Agenty

The ATTR(Attribute) option is not just limited to hyperlinks, but you can use the attribute option to extract anything from a HTML tag. For examples :

  1. Alt of an image : alt

  2. Image source path using the attribute as "src"

  3. HTML 5 data-tag : data-id, data-name etc using the name of data attribute as "data-xx"

  4. Title, href, meta description content, hidden tag value, class, id and more...

Just find the selector and then write the attribute in ATTR to extract the item you want.

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