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Data Scraping Studio

Stand alone desktop software for super-fast web extraction

Our lightning, fast and self-service data extraction software for windows designed to easily extract data from websites using CSS selector or REGEX in few minutes.

Easy Setup

Setup your agents with simple & powerful point-and-click chrome extension designed to create web scraping agent quickly using CSS selectors.

Extract text, html or attributes like image and link with one click. no programming required!

The most innovative way to extract data from HTML elements with instant result preview and advance mode for custom CSS selectors to extract the data of your choice.

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Advanced web scraper
Super fast web extraction

Simultaneously Crawling

Crawl the web at scale, Data Scraping Studio™ architecture is designed to extract as many as you want websites simultaneously to meet your data expectations.

Just create agents for all your targeted websites and run in parallel with separate thread behind to use the power or next gen. computers. For example :

Extract price from 15 e-commerce competitor websites simultaneously.

One software to crawl the entire web!

Batch URL Crawling

Wants to extract many pages? Data Scraping Studio supports multiple input options for batch crawling. You can just enter the URL lists manually to let web scraping agent traverse each url and extract the data you want.

Or browse the input file from your local drive where you keeps your input URLs in CSV, TSV or TXT format, the application will read the URLs from your input file and crawl those pages.

See the documentation
Batch Crawling
Export Extracted Result

Data Export

Setup your scraping agent to write extracted result to a local file on your hard drive while parallel extraction (e.g. c:/data/output.csv). Or save the extracted data from output grid after job completion.

Supported Output Format
  • CSV : comma-separated value
  • TSV : tab-separated value
  • JSON : JavaScript object notation
See the documentation

Anonymous Web Scraping

Designed to use HTTP Proxy as best practice of anonymous web scraping.

Use the automatic proxy detection to let Data Scraping Studio read the proxy configuration from IE or enter your manual proxy address with username and password if required.

Have hundreds of proxies? Use the dynamic option to configure your scraping agent to read proxy from input file while execution.

See this documentation
Batch Crawling
Download Data Scraping Studio with 1000 pages credit. 14 days free trial, no credit card required!

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