How to extract product url links?

Hi, Is it possible to get product url from homepage or Categories page or next pages ?

Like some home page Got 20 products i want to get link of that products,

Or when we click on next page its showing plenty products on page i want to get link of all those products ..

please help

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See the documentation here. While doing your scraping agent setup, you can click on the link element to generate a selector or manually type the selector and then select the ATTR option from drop down with HREF attribute(as in screenshot below).


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Awesome ATTR Is working perfect for me, I choose ATTR and added href to extract link, Its perfect I am getting clean data. Thank you ....

Is there any post what other option we can use in ATTR Function? Data Scraping Studio Is fast and getting easy while i am learning it.

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You can extract anything from an HTML tag using ATTR. See this documentation for some live examples

For example

  • alt of an image : alt
  • src of an image : src
  • HTML 5 data-tag : data-id, data-name
  • title, href, meta description content, hidden tag value, class, id and more...

Just give the selector name and then write the attribute in ATTR to extract anything.

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