HTTP error 408 in scraping

How to solve the error 408 in Data Scraping Studio, which appears all the time and prevents me from scraping a website?

Posted by Michael Pascual 1 years ago

HTTP error 408 tells you that request is timing out and by default time out configuration is 6 seconds. If any website didn't responds in 6 seconds then either their server is too slow or may be your network as well.

[Error] HTTP ERROR :: 408 : Request Timeout

To resolve this, you can increase the timeout of any scraping agent by following the steps below.

  • Edit the agent
  • Go to Advance Setting
  • Click on Headers tab
  • Go to Connections section and change the timeout to something more then 6 seconds(screenshot below)

scraping time out

Posted by anonymous 1 years ago

weird, I asked about error 301 and the forum post become 408.


Anyways, it was just about the site wanting to have a cookie on http request and fix the problem.


Thanks for the help

Posted by Michael Pascual 1 years ago

Applogies, the question was moved here :

Posted by anonymous 1 years ago

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