Cannot get hidden elements

No matter what, I cannot get hidden CSS elements.

      "Name": "joined",
      "Pattern": ".toggleable:nth-child(44)",
      "ItemNumber": "TEXT",
      "Position": "",
      "Visible": false,
      "CollectionType": "CSS"

The CSS selector is the best that I can get, because they don't use any class or whatever in their code. The text that I want is in the same place in most URLs, so I can deal with misplacements. The problem is that I get nothing from hidden elements. They put those elementes behind a display:none, the user presses a button and it changes to display:block, but the scraper seems unable to get the text.

I don't really know what to try. I changed from Visible true to false supossing that it has something to do with it, but nothing changed.

Posted by iagov 1 years ago

@iagov display:none or block does't make any difference. You can extract the data using the html tag only using n-th position if the element is available in website source. 

If it's failing then 99% of chance is that element is not there in HTML when you are using desktop app(may be that's AJAX page and the element is build after some JavaScript execution). And you can view the source in Network tab to see if the element is there or not while using desktop app.

Posted by anonymous 1 years ago

Yep you are right. I used the network tab to try on making a workaround. Thank you anyway.

Posted by iagov 1 years ago

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