How to get the scraped data to Google sheet


I have an agent working the way I'd like. Love the Chrome Extension. What is the easiest way to get the extracted data into a Google spreadsheet? Do I need the Desktop app for that? I am working on a Mac.


Posted by Jonathan 1 years ago

@Jonathan we don't support Google spreadsheet integration right now, but you can use tools like Zapier to send your data to Google spreadsheet using webhook on hosted app or desktop both. It works like a charm and have lots other integration as well.

Here is how it works

  • When you signup on Zapier for this app, you will get a webhook URL
  • Go to the agent page > Use Data tab and Enter the URL in webhook configuration and Save
  • Each time the agent completes the extraction, the hosted app will post the data on that URL
  • The Zapier webhook will catches the data in their app
  • Zapier now automatically sends that data to a Google Spreadsheet

What you'll need

  1. Data Scraping Studio or Hosted App, both accepts webhooks
  2. A Google Docs account
  3. A Zapier account 

This is the screenshot of hosted app to configure webhook to make it quick.

post website scraped data to google spreadhseet

Posted by anonymous 1 years ago

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