Agenty API

Welcome to Agenty for Developers ! Just like you, we are enthusiastic web developers and we love to automate things. With Agenty we are building hundreds of automative agents to extract, clean, translate, validate and OCR the big data for businesses, and we know that one of the best way to do that, is to give you the ability to have the hands on your extracted data. Please find below, the full API documentation and references in order to reach this goal.


The root endpoint of Agenty API is :{version}/  and we recommend you to fetch our API over https.

Endpoint HTTP Verb Description Access
v2/agents/{AgentType} POST Create new agent Requires admin key
v2/agents GET Get all agents -
v2/agents/{AgentId} GET Get agent by id -
v2/agents/{AgentType}/{AgentId} PUT Update agent by id -
v2/agents/{AgentId}/start POST Start a new agent job Requires admin key
v2/agents/{AgentId}/stop POST Stop the agent job, if running Requires admin key
v2/agents/{AgentId}/schedule POST Schedule the agent Requires admin key
v2/agents/{AgentId}/clone POST Clone an agent by id Requires admin key
v2/agents/{AgentId} DELETE Delete the agent by id Requires admin key
v2/jobs GET Get all jobs for all agents -
v2/jobs/{JobId} GET Get job details by id -
v2/results/{AgentId} GET Get the agent result -
v2/results/{AgentId}/{Format} GET Download the agent result -
v2/logs/{AgentId} GET Get the agent logs -
v2/logs/{AgentId}/{Format} GET Download the agent logs -
v2/scripts GET Get all scripts for all agents -
v2/scripts/{AgentId} GET Get script by agent id -
v2/scripts/{AgentId} PUT Update script by agent id -
v2/scripts/{AgentId} DELETE Delete script by agent id Requires admin key
v2/lists GET Get all lists -
v2/lists/{ListId} GET Get list by id -
v2/lists POST Create a new list Requires admin key
v2/lists/{ListId} PUT Update list by id Requires admin key
v2/lists/{ListId} DELETE Delete list by id Requires admin key
v2/inputs/{AgentId}/urls GET GET the input urls by agent id -
v2/inputs/{AgentId}/urls PUT Update the agent input urls Requires admin key
v2/inputs/{AgentId} PUT Update agent input configuration by agent id Requires admin key
v2/users GET Get all users -
v2/users/{UserId} GET Get user by id -
v2/users POST Add a new user Requires admin key
v2/users/{UserId} PUT Update user by id Requires admin key
v2/users/{UserId} DELETE Delete user by id Requires admin key


Note : HTTP verbs PUT, POST and DELETE requires your admin key for successfully authentication and to perform those action. The admin key can be found in your account "api keys" page, and we recommend to keep that in safe area and use from your code behind only.