Change Log

Here you can track all the changes made on Agenty products, API, open-source libraries, terms and more. You may signup to get the latest news in your inbox, every month or watch this page for list of change logs.

April 2021

January 2021

  • New: Added agent_name property in change detection agent actions - wehook, slack and all
  • Logs: Logs level changed to WARN when retrying for errors, instead TRACE
  • Logs: Changed to print error message when retrying instead only statusCode
  • Fix : Fixed crawling agent to match content-type header with mimetypes with/without charset encoding as well. For example mimetypes":["text/html"] will be considered as a match with content-type : text/html; charset=utf-8

December 2020

November 2020

We’ve released many new features in Change Detection agent, here is the list or see this YouTube video here:

  • Better result view - Now you can see the Checks history as well the Changes history report on result tab.
  • Download data - The download data as CSV feature is available now to download the full change detection report as CSV.
  • Screenshot attachment - New screenshot attachment option to attach original and changes screenshot on email attachment to easily compare and find what has been changed.
  • Error alerts - Get an email alert when agent error/website timeout / 404 etc.
  • Screenshot options - Screenshot options are available now to capture element, full_page or half_page screenshot. See docs
  • Actions - New action feature to trigger selected actions. For example, you can use a Slack action to get your change reports on slack or a POST on webhook or even start other agents conditionally when change detected.

October 2020

  • Shopify plugin update : New profit option to add margin dynamically and rounds up options for price rounding See docs

September 2020

  • Shopify plugin upgrade - Now you can upload variants, quantity to better sync product variants as well on your shopify store. See docs

June 2020

  • New screen capture command in scraping agent under login/form submit to capture screenshot for better debugging and trouble-shooting.
  • Fixed fatal error in OCR agent for 0 byte images.

May 2020

April 2020

  • New Puppeteer API for RPA, Browser as service and web scraping
  • Puppeteer integration with scraping agent.
  • Vertical tabs for agent editor in all existing agent types.

March 2020

February 2020

January 2020

  • New product: Sentiment analysis agent
  • New product: Machine translation agent
  • New gzip data download option in all agents to download agent result as compressed gzip file.
  • Change subscription plan, frequency, cancel option for card-based subscription
  • New public data sets with 100 of agents created by Agenty community to re-use and share data across customers.
  • Algolia integration improvement - New object_id, clear_index option to upsert documents and clear index when needed.

See complete details here

December 2019

See complete details here

November 2019

  • Released Chrome extension 2.8.6 with following changes
    • Load my agents and edit in Chrome extension
    • Auto select elements and generate matching result for all fields while editing the agent.
    • Update agents after making changes
    • Bug fix for svg elements to avoid exception
    • New feature to create multiple collections, preview all collections result and download in extension itself.
  • New: FireStore plugin to send Agenty result to Google FireStore NoSQL database
  • New: Change history option in agents to track the changes in agent configuration and restore if needed (Available in Business and higher plans only)

October 2019

  • New: Proxy and country selection settings to allow customers to define what proxy should be used in their web scraping agent.
  • New: Count option in scraping agent to get the number of matching recoreds.
  • New: Full screen view of agents result

August 2019

  • New: Capture screenshot with web scraping
  • New: Download images, pdf or files with web scraping to your S3 bucket
  • New: SFTP integration to allow automatic file transfer to SFTP
  • New: Introducing Agenty forum for community question-answers related to our products in self-services.
  • Change: Increased total agents credit by 3x in all plans. Now, you have to 10 agents in Basic plan, 100 in Professional plan, and 250 agents in Business plan

July 2019

June 2019

  • Shopify Integration- Scrape products from supplier sites and upload to your Shopify store, update prices, images and more automatically.
  • Algolia Integration- Crawl your website and add, update agent result to your search indices on Algolia.
  • MongoDB Integration- Import the agent result to your MongoDB NoSQL database collection.
  • Amazon S3 Integration- Upload the agent result CSV file to your Amazon S3 Bucket on selected region.
  • Dropbox Integration- Upload the agent result CSV file on your Dropbox account.
  • Affiliate program - Our affiliate program is live now, now you can earn a 30% commission on every client you refer to Agenty

May 2019

April 2019

March 2019

  • Scraping Agent - Many improvement in default scraping engine with realistic fingerprints, performance, speed and anonymous that make the web scraper difficult to detect. And 2 more new engines for super-fast web scraping.
  • OCR Agent (new product)
  • Textract Agent (new product)
  • Barcode Recognition Agent (new product)
  • Real-time progress tracking of jobs
  • Buckets - New feature to upload documents
  • Custom Roles - New feature to create custom roles and permission for team members
  • Wait after page load - New feature in scraping agent to wait for selector or fixed time before scraping data.
  • Changes in API authentication - apikey query parameter should be used instead key
  • Changes in start job using API - The async route should be used to start jobs in cloud
  • Lower case attributes - All the attributes in API, Webhook, Plugins etc are set to lowercase as standard.
  • Triggers are now plugins - The trigger feature has been renamed as plugins.
  • Improvement in scheduler UI - The scheduler UI now show the schedule to edit and also the CRON expression
  • Changes in pricing plan - The $49 plan has been removed and added new $249 plan for businesses looking on the requests for high pages credit, and the professional plan now has 75k pages credit and 40 agents. Also note that, there are no change in pricing for existing customers.