How does pages credit works?

Agenty counts the pages credit on each successful (2xx) requests, so the pages credit will be deducted based on the number of requests you are sending to any website.

  • 1 page credit = 1 input request

Here are some examples

  1. I have 15 URLs in my agent input and those are some list/search pages and contain 20 items per page. So when the scraping job will be completed, it will return around 300 records in output. How many pages credit will be deducted?
    Ans :15 pages credit
  2. I have 20 different URL of same website and each has to paginate to crawl the next available pages. Let's say 5 more pages each and those are list/search page with fixed 50 products each page. So at the end of scraping there will be around 6000 output records. How many pages credit will be deducted?
    Ans : 20 + (20*5) = 120 
  3. I have a list of 100 product details pages and each URL is going to extract 40 fields like (product name, url, price, description etc) for each product. When the scraping agent completed I saw 2 URL failed out of 100 as those were invalid and website returned 4xx error for them. How many pages credit will be deducted in this case?
    Ans : 98 pages credit (Failed request not counted in pages credit)

What is a successful request

A successful request on web return 2xx HTTP status code. Agenty consider them as a successful request, and counts that in pages credit.