What are the benefit of using hosted scraping app over desktop app?

We officially recommends the hosted app, here are some of the reasons:

  1. Runs on our server : When you uses the hosted scraping app (also called as online scraper), the scraping jobs runs on our cloud server
  2. Easy to scale : We are in cloud with distributed architecture and it's easy to scale if you wanted to scrape millions of pages or even more
  3. No risk : The traffic is routed from our hundreds of servers with thousands of proxy nodes, so there is no chance of getting blocked
  4. Easy to manage : You can access the hosted app anytime, anywhere using the simple link in browser, mobile and tablet to create, edit, delete your agents, URL lists and all other actions.
  5. API Ready - The hosted app can be connected easily with your existing system to integrate using our web scraping api
  6. Highly automated : The hosted app comes with powerful scheduling feature to schedule your scraping jobs to run automatically even when you are offline
  7. Notification : Using the hosted app you can start/schedule your data collections jobs and can get an email alert when the jobs completes or your data is ready
  8. Expert support : It's easy to help when you are running on our server and maintenance, support and patches are easier to provide
  9. Cross platform: Whether you are on Windows, Mac or using any other platform. All you need an internet browser to access the application anywhere in the world
  10. There are many other advance features like multiple collections, output modify scripting etc. available on hosted app only