Remove Post Processing

Remove post-processing function can be used in agents to remove some text from extracted field result when we exactly know the start index and the number of character needs to be removed. For example, I have this scraping agent "Remove Function Example(Post-Processing)" in my account  and I wanted to remove the text as Product from the ProductName field in each row. So, I can use the built-in Remove post-processing function here


Remove before result


  1. Edit the scraping agent by clicking on the "Edit" tab
  2. Go to the field ProductName and click on the "Edit field" button
  3. Now, click on the "Add" post-processing button to add the Remove function, the below dialog box will appear

    Remove function in agenty
  4. Now enter the numeric values in the StartIndex parameter (The StartIndex should be zero-based position to begin the deleting of characters)
  5. Then enter the numeric value in Count parameter.(The Count should be number of character to delete) 
  6. Then "Save" the function and the scraping agent configuration
  7. And finally re-run you agent to apply the changes.

After Remove Function

    If you notice the screenshot below, The ProductName field has been updated by the Remove function we've added in post-processing. 


Remove after result