Concat Post Processing Function

Concat post-processing function can be used in agents to concatenate fields or custom text into a field. The Concat function can be used in existing field or we can create a new field as well. For example, I have this scraping agent "Concat Function Example(Post-Processing)"  in my account with 5 fields (Url, Name, Brand, Color, Price) and I wanted to make a new Title field by combining these fields in same row and also some custom text in middle. So, I can use the Concat post processing  to do this automatically for each row in my scraping agent.



Concat before result



  1. Edit the scraping agent by clicking on the "Edit" tab
  2. Add a new field, name it Title
  3. Click on the "Add post-processing" button to add the Concat function, the below dialog box will appear

    Concat function in agenty
  4. Now enter the fields names(comma separated) or custom text(in single quote) you want to show in the Title field in each row. I am using format as (Name," Available in ",Color," At ",Price," By ", Brand)  in my example above
  5. Then "Save" the  function and the scraping agent configuration
  6. And finally re-run you agent to apply the function in your result.

After Concat Function:

If you notice the screenshot below, The Title field has been updated by the Concat function we've added in post-processing.. 


Concat after result