EndsWith Post-Processing Function.

The EndsWith post-processing function can be used in agents to set the true or false value, where the fields end with or not either for character or for string respectively. For example, I have this scraping agent "EndsWith Function Example(Post-Processing)" in my account with 4 fields (Company, Contact, Country, IsEnd Mocteuma) and I want to make sure the Company fields End with Moctezuma is true or for other fields is false, using EndsWith Post-Processing function in the IsEnd Moctezuma field which is created in the table for assigning the true or false value.


EndsWith before result



  1. Edit the scraping agent by clicking on the "Edit" tab.
  2. Go to the field IsEnd Moctezuma and click on the "Edit field" button
  3. Now , click on the "Add post-processing" button to add the EndsWith function, the below dialog box will appear

    Endswith function in agenty
  4. Now enter the input text as a Moctezuma which compare to this field of the table and return the true whenever it is matched else false.
  5. Then "Save" the function and the scraping agent configuration
  6. And finally re-run you agent to apply the changes

After EndsWith Function:

If you notice the screenshot below. the IsEnd Moctezuma field has been updated by EndsWith post-processing function.


Endswith after result