ToLower Post-Processing Function

 "ToLower" Post-Processing function can be used in the agents, Where I want to make each row of the field in lowercase order. For example, I have this scraping agent "ToLower Function Example(Post-Processing)" in my     account and I want to make the each row of field "Contact" in lowercase.Therefore I can use "ToLower" post-processing function.


tolower before result


  1. Edit the scraping agent by clicking on the"Edit" tab.
  2. Go to the field "Contact" and click on the "Edit field" button.
  3. Now, click on the "Add Post-Processing" button and add the "ToLower" post-processing function as the following screenshot given.

    tolower function in agenty
  4. This function does not require any parameter
  5. Now, "Save" the function and the scraping agent configuration.
  6. And re-run the agent to apply the changes..

After ToLower Function:

If you notice the screenshot below, You find the field "Contact" has been changed by using the "ToLower" post-processing function.


tolower after result