TrimEnd Post-Processing Function

The "TrimEnd" Post-Processing function can be used in agents. Where, Comma separated characters list to removes all trailing occurrences of the set of characters from end of the string. For example, I have this scraping agent "TrimEnd Function Example(Post-Processing)" in my account and I want to remove .? characters from end of the string in each row of the field "Country" using "TrimEnd" post-processing function.


trimend before result


  1. Edit the scraping agent by clicking on the "Edit" tab.
  2. Go to the field "Country" and click on the "Edit field" button
  3. Now click on the "Add Post-Processing" button and add the "TrimEnd" post-processing function as the following given screenshot.

    trimend function in agenty
  4. This function requires "Chars" input parameter
  5. Now enter the (.?) text as parameter
  6. And "Save" the function and the scraping agent  configuration
  7. Then finally re-run your agent, to apply the changes.

After "TrimEnd" Function:

If you notice the "Country" field of the screenshot below, you find that the comma separated character is removed using "TrimEnd" post-processing function.

trimend after result