Agenty Puppeteer API

Agenty puppeteer API is cloud based Browser as API service to capture website screenshot, execute custom puppeteer function, convert web-pages into PDF, extract content, website scraping and more with simple GET and POST request method in any programming language.

Using the API, you can -

  • Get the HTML or PDF from any URL.
  • Capture full page screenshot in few seconds.
  • Extract structured data (microdata, rdfa, jsonld etc) from websites.
  • Capture redirects chain of any URL.
  • Execute custom puppeteer script and return the result.

Our cloud-based remote browser technology run on 16 AWS regions with auto-scale enabled to build scalable browser automation apps faster and without worrying about infrastructure.

API References



Endpoint Description
/pdf Convert web-page into PDF
/screenshot Capture screenshot of any URL
/content Get HTML content of any URL
/redirects Get the redirect chain of any URL
/function Execute custom puppeteer script
/extract Extract structured data of any URL

Try with Postman

  • Download the postman collection form GitHub.
  • Create an environment
  • Add environment variable BASE_URL and your API_KEY
  • Select the environment


We use api keys to allow access and in order to authorize API requests. Just add your api key token as query parameter to each API requests apikey=xxxxxxx

Alternatively, you can also add a header as X-Agenty-ApiKey : {Your Key Here} on each requests to get authenticated

Login to your account and to settings > API keys > To get your apiKey.


See the schema here - puppeteer-examples/schema.js at master · Agenty/puppeteer-examples · GitHub


Without proxy

  • 1 page credit = 30 seconds of execution

With proxy

  • 1 page credit = 1 successful request (2xx) or 30 seconds of execution, whichever comes first.

Pricing example 1

Assume, you run 100 screenshot using the /screenshot API without using Agenty web scraping proxies, and each API request took 3 seconds in execution to capture the screenshot.

  • So the total execution seconds is 100*3 = 300
  • 1 page credit = 30 seconds.
  • Total credit is 300/30 = 10 pages credit

Pricing example 2

Now, let’s assume you run the same request with Agenty proxies by setting the anonymous.proxy property as true, so the 100 successful requests will result in 100 pages credit consumption from your account.

See the pricing plans here to learn how much pages credit is available each plans

Rate Limitation

Plan Rate Limit
Free plan 10 requests per minute; 100 per day
Basic plan 30 requests per minute
Professional plan 60 requests per minute
Business plan 100 requests per minute
Enterprise plan As per business agreement

Error Codes

Code Description
400 Request errored for some reason. You may find error details in response.
401 Unauthorized request. Make sure a valid apiKey is used, see the authentication section
402 No pages credit left, go to dashboard to see pages credit remaining and/or upgrade your plan
404 Invalid URL
408 Request timeout error
422 Schema validation error
5xx Server error