Join the Scraped Rows into Single Cell

The JoinResult option in scraping agent fields are used to join the multiple results of a selector into a single delimited string. For example, if you are scraping a product website, and the product page displays multiple categories, sizes, images or variants. The scraping agent will display each result in separate row by default, and we can use the JoinResult option to combine them all into a single cell to make our data table as one-product-one-row.

The result of the field can be separated by a specified delimiter, provided using the Post-processing parameter JoinDelimiter and its default value is comma(,).


If we see this product page screenshot, the product has the category as Home > Books > Poetry and then the book name. And using the .breadcrumb a selector extracted 3 matches in separate rows, while we have product_name and price on 1st row.

multiple matches scraping




  1. Edit the scraping agent by clicking on the Edit tab
  2. Go to the field you want to join. In this case Category and then enable the JoinResult switch
    Enable the join result option in scraper
  3. Then Save the scraping agent configuration
  4. And finally, re-run the scraping agent to apply the changes.


After updated the agent, you'll see that the field result will be joined in single cell as in screenshot below for Category.

After joining the scraping agent field