Retry Errors in Web Scraping Agent

Fail retry works for the traversing URL and it renders the acknowledgement of the agent which is not working properly, Now we can check and reschedule many times using "RETRY ERRORS", Using this property we can check our agent's URL step by step in the Agent's "Logs".

Given screenshot shows the URLs in the "URLs List"

fail input check

In the result we can check all data from the URLs are extracting in the screenshot.

fail innput result

Now we can check in the Agent's "Logs"

fail input check

Let we change the URL and see that it could perform and produce the error.

fail input check2

When any URL does not perform correctly, Then we can use the "Fail Retry".


  1. Edit the agent by clicking on the Edit tab
  2. Go to RETRY ERRORS section and "Enable Failed Request Retry" switch
  3. Enter or select the Max retry(n) value
  4. Enter or select the Retry with Interval(seconds) value
  5. Enter or select the Max Time to Spent in Retry(seconds) value
    fail retry property
  6. Then Save the scraping agent configuration.
  7. Finally, re-run you agent to apply the changes.

Now we can check it in Logs

fail retry property2

RETRY and ERROR explained in the screenshot error

Now we find that URL does not work and does not fetch data in the final result looks like the given screenshot.

fail final result