Email with Attachment

Agenty offers the Email with Attachment trigger to send the agent output result files to given email ids in CSV(comma separated values) format to automate your scraping agent result delivered via email. In order to configure this trigger with your agent, follow these steps:

Step 1 : Go to triggers page

Click on the "Triggers" page from left menu bar, as in given screenshot . The triggers page will open up, then click on the corresponding "Add" button for "Email the result" trigger row.

Agenty trigger page

Step 2 : Configure trigger

  • Select the agent Id, you want to configure the trigger with
  • Enter the email ids (Comma separated if multiples)
  • Enable the logs option, if you want to receive the agent run time logs file as well(Note: The logs file may be large and may exceeds the total email size to 25mb which is the limit for attachments, so use this option carefully). 
  • Enter the collection number(1, 2, 3...) if your agent is structured to produce result in multiple output collections.
  • When scripting is enabled for an agent to modify the result, you may "Use modified version when available" switch to decide if you want the scripted result received over email or the default result.

The email size can be maximum of 25 mb in total(content + attachments). So, the attachment will be ignored if the agent output size is larger then 25 mb.

Configure email attachment trigger

Step 3 : Re-run the agent

Now, go back to your agent page and re-run

Scraping agent re-run

Step 4 : Check email

Now, check your email. You will see, the email is sent with attachment (output result).

Email attachment result