Data Scraping Studio™ Software for web scraping

Web scraping software to scrape websites, web-pages and then organize the extracted information into data sets

In less than five minutes you can start extracting data from your choice of websites. Data Scraping Studio is a Windows client provides you a powerful interface to extract data from simple websites, ajax websites, password protected websites, pagination, json, xml and many other sources. See the documentation, or watch video tutorials.

Desktop app discontinued! The desktop app is no more supported, sold and not available for download. Please try Agenty cloud-hosted app or api.

Version 3.0 Released - May, 26th 2017

  • Better proxy support in license activation and scraping with automatic detection and manual options
  • CSS selector fields: Automatically clean, trim the result to remove spaces and bad characters
  • Character encoding: The character encoding feature is available now to scrape website in any language
  • Experimental feature to schedule and modify data with JavaScript removed and now available in hosted scraping app only
  • License changes: Standard license is not available anymore and users with Standard license upgraded to Professional with 10x more pages credit
  • New : Basic authentication feature to crawl password protected website with basic authentication
  • Minor bug fix in fail-retry requests with new option for interval seconds and maximum time to spent in retrying failed requests
  • Improved throttling feature with fixed and random delay options
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.6 Released - September, 8th 2016

  • New output fields type: INLINECSS, INLINEREGEX and INPUT
  • INLINECSS: To extract data from already extracted fields using CSS selectors
  • INLINEREGEX : To extract data from already extracted fields using REGEX
  • INPUT : To include any input file field in output
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.5 Released - September, 1st 2016

  • Improved performance for Extraction engine
  • New Feature : Simple functions for output manipulation : Append, Insert, Replace, Regex Replace, Default Value etc.
  • New Feature : Include input fields in output
  • New Feature : Multiple output collections
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.0 Released - July, 1st 2016

  • Improved : Now crawl invalid/bad SSL, TLS certificate websites as well for HTTPS
  • New Feature : "Fetch pages via browser" - To crawl AJAX pages
  • New Feature : "Pagination" - Simple paging technique using next page link CSS Selector
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.9 Released - June, 10th 2016

  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.8 Released - April, 2nd 2016

  • Recent agents in agent explorer tree
  • Improved performance for CSV reader/writer
  • UI change for edit agent
  • UI change for URL list with Richtext box for easy adding/removing urls. (Gridview depreacted)
  • "Has Headers?" setting for CSV
  • Automatic space trim for all extracted fields
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.7 Released - March, 1st 2016

  • New Feature : Password protected website crawling with easy interaction feature.
  • New Feature : Limit - Start and Stop the scraping at (n) row number of input file.
  • Algorithm change for Fail-retry HTTP requests to retry only error where HTTP status code between 500…600
  • Improved output section in agent setup(Please edit and change all your scraping agent in new format to support new save to local drive/post to server feature)
  • XML, RSS Feed support in output.
  • Append and Overwrite mode in output for TXT, CSV, TSV files.
  • Minor bugs fixes and performance improvement.

Version 1.6 Released - January, 28th 2016

  • New Feature : Add custom/calculated field using JavaScript(sample included).
  • New Feature : HTTP Post Method for AJAX pages/API scrping.
  • Major Improvement in Proxy Feature with additional feature like bulk import, dynamic proxy set.
  • Major improvement on REGEX extraction engine
  • And all pending bug-fixes

Version 1.5 Released - January, 7th 2016

  • 13 New Data Scraping Demo Agents included with setup.
  • Minor improvements and bug-fixes

Version 1.4 Released - January, 1st 2016

  • Bug fix in editing agent with setup wizard
  • New Feature : CSS Selectors
  • New Feature : Chrome App
  • Fast working multithreaded Http Data Extraction Engine.
  • Minor improvements and bug-fixes

Version 1.3 Released - December 5th, 2015

  • Bug fix in data processing engine
  • Bug fix in task scheduler
  • New updates in error handling

Version 1.2 Released - November 19th, 2015

  • Bug fix in editing scraping agent
  • Bug fix in web extractor
  • Security updates

Version 1.1 Released - November 9th, 2015

  • Releasing the first public version of Data Scraping Studio

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