Scraping Agent

Extract data from websites automatically using our revolutionary pages-based scraping agent

A powerful data scraping engine that makes it easy to extract data from websites of choices, no matter the complexity of web.

  • Easy setup

    Setup your scraping agents with simple & powerful point-and-click Chrome extension designed to create web scraping agent quickly using CSS selectors.

  • Advance agent editor

    Drag-and-drop scraping agent editor to change the configuration you want e.g. add a new field, remove field or just change the selector with something else.

  • Scheduling

    Flexible scheduling option to let your agents run hourly, daily, weekly or any particular day(s) in a week to scrape websites automatically.

  • Triggers

    You can send an email alert or output result to webhook(HTTP:POST), Google spreadsheet, Amazon S3 or import to your SQL server.

  • API Ready

    Create, edit agents or execute a job via our rest based API to integrate scraping agent with your app and tools in just a couple of minutes.

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