A Complete Toolkit
for Website Scraping

Whether you need to track competitor price, or looking for data feeds to train your AI algorithms, Agenty Scraping Agent platform and the built-in API helps you offer a wonderful web scraping experience in cloud.

Scrape data from any website - Pagination, Infinite scrolling, list-details click through or behind login pages.

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Web Scraping Agent

Manage Your Entire Data Scraping Project in One Place

A powerful data scraping engine that makes it easy to extract data from websites of choices, no matter the complexity of web.

Extract data using our revolutionary pages-based web scraping agents from :

  • Public websites scraping
  • Password-protected websites scraping
  • XML sitemaps scraping
  • JSON APIs scraping
  • RSS Feeds scraping
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Point and Click

Point and Click

Setup your scraping agents with simple & powerful point-and-click Chrome extension designed to create web scraping agent quickly using CSS selectors.

Anonymous Web Scraping

Anonymous Web Scraping

Automatic IP rotation and highly anonymous proxies to scrape any website. Extract content as seen by real-human in different location, using our geo-based IPs.

Batch URL Crawling

Batch URL Crawling

Extract data from unlimited pages in single agent. Simply enter the website URLs in agent input, or upload a URL list to extract batch URLs automatically.

Blazingly Fast Speed

Blazingly Fast Speed

Crawl the web at scale, Agenty cloud architecture is designed to extract data from websites simultaneously. Run as many agents simultaneously, as you want.

No Matter the Complexity

No Matter the Complexity

Scrape website behind login, drop-down, complex pagination or AJAX based infinite scrolling. Agenty scraping agent has the features, to automate it all!

Experts Support

Experts Support

Get your agents setup and maintained by the engineers, who built the scraping agent in Agenty.

Developers First


Whether you are developing a site with C#, Java, Rails, Node, Python, Perl or building a mobile app on iOS or Android, we have the REST API to help.

// Add RestSharp package from Nuget
using RestSharp;
// C# example to fetch scraping agent result
RestClient client = new RestClient
	BaseUrl = new Uri("https://api.agenty.com/2.0/results/{AGENT_ID}?offset=0&limit=1000")

RestRequest request = new RestRequest
	Method = Method.GET
request.AddHeader("Content-Type", "application/json");
request.AddHeader("X-Agenty-Key", "***********************************");
var response = client.Execute(request);

// Print the result



Easy to Use

Train your agent with simple point-and-click Chrome extension.
Extract text, html or attributes(like hyper-links, images etc) with one click. no programming required!

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Flexible scheduling option to let your agents run hourly, daily, weekly or any particular day(s) in a week to scrape websites automatically.

See scheduling documentation


Advance Agent Editor

Drag-and-drop scraping agent editor to change the configuration you want e.g. add a new field, remove field or just change the new selector if website changes.

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Historical Data

Go to history tab to see or download all your previous run result, for all agents. Accessible by version number and execution date.

See pricing plan for data retention



Use triggers to send email notification, result as email attachment or Post data to server using webhook(HTTP:POST), Google spreadsheet, Amazon S3 and more.

See trigger documentation



Unlimited possibility with scripting. Write your own custom logic to modify the scraping agent result (or the input) using C# programming language.

See scripting documentation

retail price tracking

Statistical department of Slovenia

The Statistical department of Slovenia tracks and monitor the prices of retail products online, that often have thousands of SKUs from hundreds of websites.

See how the department was able to use Agenty to automate their data scraping, transformation and validation using scraping agents.

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For best results, your machine learning models need high quality data

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