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Cloud hosted distributed web crawling app to extract data online

Crawl the web at scale using our revolutionary pages-based cloud hosted web scraper to extract data from static and dynamic websites automatically. API ready, no programming required, free plan available!

Online Scraper
Advanced web scraper

Easy Setup

Setup your agents with simple & powerful point-and-click chrome extension designed to create web scraper agent quickly using CSS selectors.

Extract text, html or attributes like image and link with one click. no programming required!

The most innovative way to extract data from HTML elements with instant result preview and advance mode for custom CSS selectors to extract the data of your choice.

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Advance Agent Editor

Drag-and-drop agent editor in online scraper helps to change the configuration you want. Easiest way to add, remove fields with just one click and use simple post processing functions to replace, insert or append the data in result fields.

Few things you can do with agent editor:
  • Change the selector or extract type
  • Add and remove fields
  • Enter credentials for password protected websites
  • Add few seconds wait in sequential crawling
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Scraping Agents Editor
Scheduling a scraping job online

Advance Scheduling

The hosted app provides flexible scheduling capabilities for your agents to run hourly, daily, weekly or any particular day(s) in a week to scrape automatically and keep your data up-to-date.

So, Why wait! Use the scheduling feature to run your scraping agents even when you are off-line to scrape website online.

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Historical Data

Go to crawl history tab to see or download all your previous run result for a particular agent tracked and accessible by version and execution date.

Customized data retention policy to keep your agents historical data in your account till you want it.

Use the historical data to power business intelligence of your project.

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Scraping jobs history

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  • Easy setup
  • Super-fast crawling
  • API ready
  • Cancel at any time

Join thousands of businesses who use our scraping app to bring web data to their business

thousands of businesses who use our scraping app


Forget the manual monitoring while scraper running online. Just create triggers to get an email alert when the scraper completes the task.

Or configure a webhook trigger, to send a HTTP Post request to your api endpoint with the extracted data in body to post on your server when ready, or to import in your SQL database.

Triggers in online scraping
Connect multiple scraping agents online

Connect Agents

The connecting scraping agents allows you to scrape data from a list page with/without pagination and then follow their links to get further details of each link.

For example the stackoverflow website question page has list of questions and basic details there, but main details on question page itself by clicking on each link. Now, we can create 2 agents and connect them :

  • Agnet A : Extract the url from questions list page
  • Agent B : Extract further details using the url in A

API Ready

Are you a developer? Just like you, we are enthusiastic web developers and we love to automate things.

When you create a scraping agent online, the online scraper tool will automatically generate your API code in tens of programming language to help out in integration with your application quickly.

See API documentation
REST API for Online scraping agent
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