Browserless alternative - See why Agenty is the best Browserless alternative

Browserless is a web-service for headless browsers. If you are looking for a Browserless alternative? See how you can use Agenty puppeteer API to replace Browserless dependency with more advanced feature and built-in proxies for advanced web scraping and web automation projects.

Agenty Browserless
Setup your scraping agents without coding, or use our Puppeteer API to tests your scripts You must be a programmer to write scripts or connect with browser
Setup, save and re-use agents, 10+ integrations for data transfer, lists, bucket feature No notifications, limited features, no integrations and list upload
Built-in proxy and captcha handling You’d need to bring your own proxy; no captcha handling
Advance feature like IP rotation, random user-agent for complex website scraping No such feature, you’ll need to write your own custom module in Node.js
1 page credit = 30 seconds of execution. For example, if you are on $29 plan with 5000 pages credit. you get 150k seconds of execution (without proxy) $.00015 per seconds

See other pricing examples here with/without proxies.

Browserless API alternative

Endpoint Description
/pdf Convert web-page into PDF
/screenshot Capture screenshot of any URL
/content Get HTML content of any URL
/redirects Get the redirect chain of any URL
/function Execute custom puppeteer script
/extract Extract structured data of any URL