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Cloud-based RPA agents for Data scraping, Web automation, Text extraction, OCR, Change detection, Sentiment analysis and more...

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Web Scraping Software

Scraping Agent

Scrape data from public, password-protected websites, XML, JSON APIs and many more sources on web

OCR Software

OCR Agent

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) detects and extracts text within an image and pdfs.

Textract Software

Textract Agent

Extract text and meta data from any type of documents(word, pdf, pptx, html, eml, msg etc).

Sentiment Analysis Software

Sentiment Analysis Agent

Extract the positive, negative or neutral sentiment with confidence score from excel file or source agent.

Machine Translation Software

Machine Translation Agent

Translate the input text in selected target language using machine based translation API.

Website Change Detection Software

Change Detection Agent

Monitor the change on website and alert you when a change has been detected.

Experience the power of cloud computing with Agenty


Easy to use agents to automate your business process

Start in Minutes

Create agent with just a few clicks of mouse and start getting result instantly

Built to Scale

We're already processing millions of pages for hundreds of customers


Use our plugins style integrations to upload data to S3, Dropbox, secure FTP etc.

Email Alerts

Get automatic email alerts when your job has been completed

Historical Data

Re-use all the data you've processed ever for your analytics


Schedule your agents to extract data, even when you are offline


View the activity logs for all runs with event and messages to deep-dive

Distributed Architecture

Automatic distribution of agents over multiple machines to boost the performance

Advance Scripting

Bring your custom logic and business rules to apply with scripting

Built by developers for developers


Forget the complexity of RPA: our hosted agents in cloud, built-in API allow you to build the best web automation experience ever for repetitive tasks.

// Add RestSharp package from Nuget
using RestSharp;
// C# example to fetch scraping agent result
RestClient client = new RestClient
	BaseUrl = new Uri("{AGENT_ID}?offset=0&limit=1000")

RestRequest request = new RestRequest
	Method = Method.GET
request.AddHeader("Content-Type", "application/json");
request.AddHeader("X-Agenty-Key", "***********************************");
var response = client.Execute(request);

// Print the result

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