Mozenda alternative - See why Agenty is the best Mozenda alternative

Looking for a Mozenda alternative? See why Agenty is better, easy to use, affordable, makes data scraping fun and provides good value for money right out of the box.

Agenty Mozenda
Start your web scraping project at low cost, Agenty pricing starts from just $29/m Starting out at $250/m is 8 times costlier for a small size web scraping project
Get 10 agents with scheduling feature + email notification + access to plugins + 7 days data retention Get 10 agents with no API access, no notifications, limited features
Enjoy full featured tool with flexible pricing plans, and no annual commitment at $249/m for large project, with 250k pages credit and 100 agents $450+ per month; Require annual commitment; Less pages credit (1mn pages per year = Just 83,333 pages per month)
Monthly 250,000 pages credit with 250 agents in $249/m plan Monthly 83,333 pages credit in $450/m plan
10 team members in $249/m plan 3 team members in $450/m plan

Mozenda pricing

Comparison and screenshot as on 25th May 2020.