How can I extract images from website?

How can I extract the images URL for products from the website I am scraping? Basically the SRC from an IMG tag

Yes, you can easily extract images from websites. Just find the selector for images and then use the Attribute (attr) option to extract the src to scrape all images

If the images are relative link - You can use this insert function to add the domain to make the full image. Insert Post-processing Function | Agenty

And if you want to download the images as well, see this page

Lazy Loading

Be sure to inspect the page HTML to view which attribute hold the actual image URL, because some websites use lazy loading technique and the image is swapped between src attribute to data-src or with data-img attributed, when the pages is loaded on browser or while scrolling the page.

For example this lazy load page - Fade-in

here if you see the HTML, the data-src attribute is the one which holds the actual image. So, to extract the image from this page - We need to use the data-src attribute instead the src attribute