Equals Post-processing Function

Equals Post-processing Function can be used for matching the input text to the each row of the field then that rows are true and others are false. For example, I have this scraping agent " Equals Function Example(Post-Processing)" in my account and I want to get Jan month rows from the OpenMonth field. So, we can use the Equals Post-processing Function to get the Jan month rows.



  1. Add a new field name which is IsMonth Jan and the selector will be same as for OpenMonth field

  2. Now, click on the Add Post-Processing button to add the Equals Post-processing function, The below dialog box will appear

  3. Now, enter the text you want to get from the field in Input parameter, As I did in screenshot above to get the Jan month rows

  4. Then, Save the function and the scraping agent configuration

  5. And finally, re-run your agent to apply the changes.

After Equals Function

If you notice the IsMonth Jan field, It’s return true where Jan exists in OpenMonth field otherwise return false.