Team Management

Agenty allows to add other team members to your Agenty portal. New member can be invited to your account by providing their name, e-mail address and selecting a access role type. Agenty has 3 levels of role based access feature to share your account with other team members. Both the Owner and Admin can invite other users to join.

  1. Admin : Account user with full access.
  2. Manager : Has full access of account except for billing, user management, re-generate API key.
  3. Viewer : Can only access reports and data.

Roles allow you to create special privileges for users by specifying what a team member can see and do within your Agenty account. These roles help you classify your team into different sections and assign them required capabilities, so that they can do what they need for data scraping without getting in each other's way. The roles are especially useful for larger teams and enterprises where there are different groups of employees trying to handle different things.

Add User

  1. Go to Team menu in left sidebar
  2. Click on the New Member button
  3. The below dialog box will appear where we can enter the Email, Name and select the Role

add user to agenty

  1. Click on the Add button to invite after entering the information
  2. The user will get an email with temporary password to login and can change the password after accessing the account.