How to extract email from websites online?

I have list of around million websites. How can I extract the bulk email address from their about or contact page automatically without writing the web scraping agent for each website?

Use this REGEX option with this expression: ([\w.-]+@(?=[a-z\d][^.]*\.)[a-z\d.-]*[^.])

This will find and scrape all valid emails on any website URL you crawl, here is my test on Rubular site - with this test string which extracted all 6 valid emails.

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Github link with example HTML -

Then create an agent (you may clone any sample agent) and follow the steps:

  1. Go to edit tab
  2. Add/Edit a field and change the Type : REGEX
  3. Enter your regex expression and Group : 1

Save it and enter(or upload) the URL to extract emails from all the websites.